Thursday, 10 March 2016

Some hidden villages, amazing places on the way to Tourmalet.

Our trip from Barcelona to Col du Tourmalet is not just climbing some of the most important mountains in the Pyrenees. It is also about discovering hidden places beside some solitaire roads which we suggest to ride.

Second stage from Viladrau to Ripoll includes some surprises, hidden places which you will be amazed to discover. One of them is Pantà de Sau (Sau Reservoir). This dam was completed in 1962 creating a reservoir with a storage capacity of 151.3 hm³ that covered the former town of Sant Romà de Sau. The Church of Sant Romà is still visible when the water level is low.

Cycling Pantà de Sau
Pantà de Sau
Rupit is a small village lost in the catalan mountains. This village, normally named together with another nice tiny village nearby (Rupit i Pruit) looks like a fairy tale village, in which time stopped years ago... Worth a visit, worth a stop...
Cycling in Rupit
Rupit, a fairy tale village